We are still seeking

Cover for Bradamante (mezzo/alto)

Rehearsal Dates

Thursdays from 7pm-10pm, Saturdays from 10am-3pm

Performance Dates

April 19 and 21

Prepare an Italian aria or art song. If you are unable to audition in person, we are able to accept video auditions.

To audition Please fill out the Google Form to schedule an audition! We will contact you to let you know your audition time. Be ready to bring your music, a printed copy of your class schedule (with any additional conflicts marked) and your resume.

Synopsis The detective Bradamante is out to rescue her partner Ruggiero, but he’s forgotten all about her. At Alcina’s hidden speakeasy, it’s hard to tell what’s real, and men have a way of not coming back: when Alcina is bored of her lovers, she transforms them into part of the building. Ruggiero is her latest victim, but for once, the spider may have fallen for the fly… and be ready to fight to keep him. Just to complicate matters, Alcina’s sister Morgana falls for Bradamante (who is undercover as “Ricciardo”), so Morgana’s boyfriend Oronte is out for Bradamante’s blood. Can Bradamante and her companion, the policeman Melisso, expose the sisters’ operation and free Ruggiero, or will Alcina keep her lover, her realm, and her magic?

This production is sung in Italian with English supertitles.

Alcina (soprano) is the original femme fatale, glamourous and heartless – until she seduces Ruggiero. The closer she comes to losing him, the more she wants to keep him… and the more her magic begins to deteriorate.

Range: D4 to A5.

Morgana (soprano) is a lively, sparkling flapper – a little less elegant than her older sister, but with plenty of her own charm. She can’t resist a pretty boy in a suit… even if she’s got one already.

Range: E4 to A5.

Oberto (soprano or mezzo-soprano) didn’t mean to get mixed up in this – he was with his father Astolfo, who seems to have disappeared somehow. He’s positive Alcina knows where his father is, and maybe these undercover detectives can help.

Range: E4 to A5.

Ruggiero (mezzo-soprano) is Bradamante’s partner and fiance, lost in Alcina’s magic. He clings possessively to Alcina, but as the magic fades, he starts to remember Bradamante, and is horrified to see what he has become.

Range: B3 to G5.

Bradamante (mezzo-soprano or contralto) is a quick-thinking, dedicated detective. Her passionate personality sometimes leads her into risky situations. She’s always rescuing her partner Ruggiero, but loves him in spite of that.

Range: A3 to D5.

Oronte (tenor) is the speakeasy’s bouncer and Morgana’s hapless suitor. All he wants is to do his job, keep his girlfriend, and preferably not get arrested. He’s not fond of Ruggiero, as he’s seen what happens to men who get too close to Alcina.

Range: E4 to G5.

Melisso (baritone or bass) is the police chief. He’s been trying to track down this speakeasy for months (with the help of Bradamante and Ruggiero, Private Investigators). He started out all business, but couldn’t help taking the kids under his wing: it’s a dangerous city, after all, and someone has to make sure that smart young lady and her idiot boyfriend get home safe.

Range: B2 to E4.