Open auditions for Singers and Instrumentalists

AUG 24, AUG 31, SEP 1

Singers are needed for the chorus (SATB), for study covers (all roles), and for the principal role of Publio (baritone/bass). Audition information is here.

Instrumentalists are needed for the orchestral ensemble (clarinet (featured), violin, viola, trumpet, oboe, horns, flute, cello, and bassoon). Audition information is here.

We are still seeking:

Rehearsal Dates Thursdays from 7pm-10pm, Saturdays from 10am-3pm

We are seeking singers (all voice types) for chorus and cover roles, a baritone/bass for the role of Publio, instrumentalists for the orchestral ensemble, stage managers, and crew/house volunteers. At this time we cannot offer compensation to artists. All roles (production, instrumental, and vocal) are volunteer only. All auditions will be held in the AH1 building at UT Dallas.

All auditions (vocal and instrumental) will close on September 2. Production/crew roles will still be available.

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Orchestral Instrumentalists are invited to audition for the opera ensemble. Strings and clarinet are a high priority, and there are also positions for trumpet, oboe, horns, flute, cello, and bassoon.

Auditions will consist of 2 major scales, played solo, and a selection from the opera’s overture, played with pianist. Audition selections can be viewed here.

Ensemble rehearsals will be scheduled around the instrumentalists’ availability, and they will join the cast in some Thurs/Sat rehearsals beginning in November. Conflicts with other ensembles can be accommodated.

Note: Instrumentalist auditions will close on September 2.

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This production features a small SATB chorus which will be staged along with the principal cast. Chorus members will not be called to all rehearsals. Singers auditioning for the chorus should bring two copies of an Italian aria or art song (pianist will be provided). If you do not have an Italian piece in your repertoire, contact us to discuss other options. The audition will also include range testing.

Chorus members may also be cast as study covers for one of the principal roles (attending rehearsals for that role and taking notes in case they are asked to jump in), which can lead to being cast in a principal role the following semester. If you are interested in covering a role, you can view the roles available here. The audition requirements for auditioning for chorus and auditioning for study cover are the same. Acting skills are expected from all singers.

Note: Chorus auditions will close on September 2.

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Singers interested in principal roles or cover roles must fill out the audition form. A live audition is preferred to video submissions.

This show is not yet fully cast.

Vitellia (soprano or high mezzo) doesn't care if she has to marry Tito or kill him to get her throne back, but her lover Sesto isn't all that thrilled about either option. Once Sesto finally agrees to go through with the murder, Vitellia receives a marriage proposal from Tito. Unable to halt the coup, she tries to cover her tracks and abandon Sesto to his fate - after all, she got what she wanted - but discovers she's not as coldhearted as she thought.

Range: G3 to D6

Note: Both principals have been cast for this role; study cover is still available.

Sesto (mezzo-soprano) is very in love with Vitellia and very aware it's a bad idea. He tries maintain peace between his friends and support Tito as the emperor navigates the expectations of political marriage, but finds himself drawn back again and again by Vitellia's magnetism. A predictably terrible assassin, but surprisingly stubborn.

Range: C4 to Bb5

Note: Both principals have been cast for this role; study cover is still available.

Annio (soprano or mezzo-soprano) spends most of his time running around trying to find people, bringing news, and helping out - or at least trying. He thinks the world of his sweetheart Servilia, tries to step out of her way so she can become empress, and teams up with her to find a way to save Sesto.

Range: D4 to A5

Note: Both principals have been cast for this role; study cover is still available.

Servilia (soprano) is possibly the only one in Rome with any common sense, and will find a solution to any challenge, whether that’s sidestepping the emperor’s marriage proposal to stay faithful to Annio, or finding the one person who can save her brother’s life. She has very little patience with Vitellia.

Range: D4 to A5

Note: Both principals have been cast for this role; study cover is still available.

Tito (tenor) is the emperor - a friendly, ordinary guy who’s in way over his head with the amount of responsibility he’s expected to handle. Rome is waiting for him to choose a new empress, but he would really rather focus on philanthropy (the fun part of being emperor) and hanging out with Sesto and Annio. His optimism is severely shaken when Sesto is convicted of his attempted murder.

Range: E4 to G5/A5

Note: Both principals have been cast for this role; study cover is still available. (This role has been reduced from its original scope. Tito now sings only the Act 2 trio, Act 2 Finale, and possibly a shortened version of the Act 1 aria “Del più sublime soglio”. Most high notes are G’s, with one half-note A.)

Publio (baritone or bass) is Tito's advisor and voice of reason, and may actually be running the country. Routinely frustrated by Tito’s happy-go-lucky leniency and friendliness with his subjects, Publio tries to keep Tito on task and ensure he handles the responsibilities of leadership as well as the pleasant public-facing jobs. Cynical, pessimistic, and responsible.

Range: Bb2 to D4

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Production Team

Stage Managers We are seeking stage managers to help manage a site-flexible production that can tour to different non-theatrical local venues. Previous theatrical experience is strongly preferred. Contact us to schedule an interview.
Crew Volunteering as a crew member is a great way to get behind the scenes at Comet Opera without the semester commitment! Depending on your department, you may be called for just a month or even a week of rehearsals – or even just the performances. All ages, all schedules, and all students-and-non-students are welcome.

  • In the month before a show, we need volunteers to assemble set pieces, sew or alter costumes, and manage props.
  • During tech week itself, we need stagehands to move set pieces, help with hair and makeup, run supertitles, and transport heavy objects like keyboards and amps (having a truck is a big plus!).
  • If you want to volunteer just for the night of a performance, we need ushers to distribute programs, direct people to the event, take donations, answer questions, and sell concessions.

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