Auditions are currently closed! If you would like to sing with us, contact us at to learn more.

Rehearsal Dates

Thursdays from 7pm-10pm, Saturdays from 10am-3pm

Rehearsal dates are consistent each semester, and each production has two to three performances with a week of tech evenings preceding them. Fall performances are in late November/early December, and spring performances are in late April.


Volunteering as a crew member is a great way to get behind the scenes at Comet Opera without the semester commitment! Depending on your department, you may be called for just a month or even a week of rehearsals – or even just the performances. All ages, all schedules, and all students-and-non-students are welcome. Contact us to become part of the opera magic!

In the month before a show, we need volunteers to assemble set pieces, sew or alter costumes, and manage props.

During tech week itself, we need stagehands to move set pieces, help with hair and makeup, run supertitles, and transport heavy objects like keyboards and amps (having a truck is a big plus!).

If you want to volunteer just for the night of a performance, we need ushers to distribute programs, direct people to the event, take donations, answer questions, and sell concessions.

Officer Roles

As our organization transitions from its founding members, these roles will become open for new officers. Due to the rules surrounding student organizations at UT Dallas, only current students (either undergraduate or graduate) may hold officer roles. Contact us if you think you’d be a perfect fit!

President Official liason with the Student Organization Center. Schedules official campus performances with the Student Organization Center on Virtual EMS. Arranges performances at senior centers, schools, community centers, libraries, parks, and other local venues. Handles administrative work like rosters, email lists, audition paperwork.

Position currently held by Patricia Balconi-Lamica.

Vice President The President’s understudy. Can be combined with any of the other roles.

Position currently held by Ivey Barr.

Treasurer Collects member dues, handles fundraising events, authorizes printing/publicity/production costs, and keeps an eye on the organization’s budget. Also works with the Student Organization Center to arrange reimbursements.

Position currently held by Patricia Balconi-Lamica.

Social Media Coordinator Creates marketing assets (posters, flyers, website/social media designs), keeps the site updated, runs social media accounts. Must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop/Illustrator/a similar program, and how to design print images.

Position currently held by Ivey Barr.

Secretary (Director) Organizes officer meetings. This is the officer title for the production director, to ensure they are in conversation with the other officers of the organization. This role may be briefly suspended if the director is a non-student and therefore ineligible to hold an officer role. This role cannot be combined with other roles (as the director has enough to do already).

Position currently held by Bradley Ritschel.